Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Free Government Top Up for your Kiwisaver

Top Up Your Kiwisaver Now!

$$$ Government Gift of $521.43
(Subject to Kiwisaver contribution)

Just a reminder that if you have a personal Kiwisaver scheme, the cutoff for annual contributions is fast approaching. If you have been contributing to your Kiwisaver this year, you could qualify for a free government gift of $521.43

You need to have contributed a minimum of $1042.86 within the 12 months ending 30th June 2016 to qualify for the free Government top-up of $521.43 (member tax credits).

If you have over $50,000 in your Kiwisaver and are not getting professional advice then feel free to contact our professional investment adviser Jonathan Parsons for a no cost financial checkup. The coffee is on us.

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