Monday, June 20, 2016

Health and Fitness News Updates

Good health and fitness isn't just a great idea for your life and for your future, its also a great idea for your finances. Especially in the insurance world that Spratt Financial works in everyday, better health can mean more cover, lower premiums and more money in your pocket at the end of the day. If your insurer knows you're in good health and that you work to maintain that, they are inclined to reward you with lower costs and higher levels of cover with far less hassles or hoops to jump through. Less risk to them means more reward for you. Hence, Spratt Financial is proud to present the latest news from the world of health and fitness to help keep you in peak condition.

1. New Zealand's use of antibiotics rises, heightening concerns about growing bacterial resistance. -

Our antibiotic consumption is among the highest in the developed world, but is this putting us at unnecessary risk as bacterial resistance grows?

2. Why artificial sweeteners could be worse for you than sugar. -

Many sweeteners used in place of sugar are much sweeter than sugar, diluting the effect of sweetness and overstimulating appetite.

3. Is your health suffering due to a poor relationship? -

In a multi-year study, angry spouses were at a higher risk of chest pain, high blood pressure and heart problems. In contrast, people in happy relationships/marriages have longer lifespans on average.

4. Healthy smoothie recipe to combat inflammation and detox the body. -

Over time, a build up of inflammation in the body can lead to heart problems, arthritis and more. This recipe could help mediate these issues and a healthy way.

5. Surprisingly, scientists tell you why making your bed could be bad for your health. -

Find out why making your bed could be aiding the production and health of dust-mites contributing to an unsanitary sleeping environment.

6. Five unusual ways coconut oil can improve your health. -

Unexpected benefits of coconut oil, including an aid for weight loss, mental functioning and more.

7. Do fitness apps really work? Apps put to the test? -

Several fitness apps described and put to the test, including Charity Miles, Yoga Glo and Zombies, Run!

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