Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Cancer Treatment Benefit - Is It Right for You?

In response to escalating cancer treatment costs in New Zealand, as well as the inability of many people to afford both a full medical insurance and trauma policy, a new and specific cancer benefit option has been released. As much as 62% of a major insurer's trauma insurance claims were for various forms of cancer, and with the new Cancer Benefit, New Zealanders now have an effective and quality new option to give them the best treatments available.

62% of trauma insurance claims from a major insurer were for cancer.

The new Cancer Benefit can be added to a Trauma Insurance policy and covers you for $500,000 worth of surgical and non-surgical cancer treatment. Crucially, this new benefit covers both Pharmac and Non-Pharmac approved drugs, giving you more options for cancer treatment and covering new and more expensive treatments such as Immunotherapy. The benefit can also come with an optional add-on Specialist and Tests benefit that will cover additional specialist consultations and diagnostics procedures up to $5,000 per policy. If you have children, they can also be covered with their own cancer benefit for no additional cost until the age of 16, making this a great option for families as well.

The Cancer Benefit allows access to new and expensive cancer treatments like Immunotherapy.

The new Cancer Benefit may be right for you if:
    1. The costs of both a full Trauma Insurance and Medical Insurance policy are prohibitive.
    2. You wish to gain access to new and/or more expensive cancer treatments in the event of a diagnosis.
    3. You have children and wish them to have access to outlined insurance protection.
    4. You are looking for a cheaper or more specific option than a full medical insurance policy.
    5. You want additional, inexpensive cover in addition to a Trauma Insurance policy to give you more options and funds if diagnosed.
            Our team is available anytime if you are interested in the new Cancer Benefit or have any further questions about it. We also offer full claims management service to take the stress out of your hands at claim time. Contact us anytime at enquiry@sprattfinancial.co.nz, use our contact form here or call us at 09 307 8200.