Sunday, January 10, 2016

Financial News Round-up - New Years 2016

1. 5 health insurance resolutions to consider in 2016. - NZ Herald

Some great things to consider with regards to your health insurance in 2016 including considering deadlines, when to make changes, and how to get familiar with your coverage.

2. UK Insurers reject almost 50% of mobile phone claims. - Insurance Business Online

As mobile phone insurance becomes more and more of a necessity, UK insurers have been doing the industry and their clients a disservice by finding means to reject claims, including not having certain apps installed and not having SIM cards inside.

3. NZ's largest general insurer introduces a new CEO. -

Craig Olsen has taken over the top job at IAG as part of a new leadership team announced just before the New Year. He is taking over from former CEO Jacki Johnson.

4. Daily mortgage rates from the major suppliers. -

Handy tool to keep track of mortgage rates from the major lending suppliers in NZ.

5. To cash up, or to keep your money in Kiwisaver? - NZ Herald

A good article featuring tips on what to do with your money in your Kiwisaver and how to make the most of it. Also, keep in mind Spratt Financial's free Kiwisaver consultation service to help make sure your Kiwisaver is performing the best that it can.

6. New website educating the public about personal insurance products set to launch. - Good Returns currently preparing for launch in the New Year aims to add to the financial literacy of the NZ public as it relates to the crucial matter of personal insurance.

7. New Year's resolution: Financial fitness tips for retirees. - NZ Herald

Older people were recently found to be less likely to set financial goals than younger people. Experts in the field have put together their best tips for older people to become financially fit and secure.