Thursday, April 21, 2016

Southern Cross to launch new health insurance for young people.

Some good news, following on the heels of our recent article on the benefits of getting insured while you're young: Southern Cross has announced the release of a new health insurance product for young people. Named the 'Wellbeing Starter' plan, it is an entry level plan based on extensive market research of 1,500 young adults and what they described their needs of a health insurance plan to be.

One of the main needs described was affordability, and Wellbeing Starter achieves this by excluding all coverage for orthopaedics, urology and gynaecology (unless these aspects are required for the treatment of cancers). Southern Cross state directly that this may not be the best plan once clients reach middle age, but its a great option while they're young and covers what young people deemed to be most important to them.

The Wellbeing Starter plan's benefits include $500,000 surgical cover, $100,000 cardiac cover, $60,000 cover for cancer treatments, including an additional $10,000 for non-Pharmac drugs. It also includes a  $40,000 prophylactic treatment allowance, $3000 for skin surgery. The plan will also cover 75% of GP and physio visits (up to $150), in response to the research which discovered that an everyday benefit was important for young people to have.

As more insurers become serious about reaching out to young people, the benefits of getting insured young will only increase. This is definitely a positive development in that regard, If you'd like to enquire about getting your health insured, you can request a free, no obligation quote at anytime. We may be able to secure you an even better deal on your premiums than you would find yourself.

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