Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Spratt Financial Christmas News Roundup (Part Two)

1. Tips to avoid becoming a Christmas burglary statistic. -

It's an unfortunate fact that burglary is rife during the festive season when many of us are away on holiday. Here are some tips to stop this from happening to you. Home and contents cover is a good start, but it's a good idea to be prepared, vigilant and take precautions to make sure your Christmas is as happy and stress free as can be.

2. Onepath life introduces new products to meet consumer demand. - Good returns

In the most significant product enhancement in years, Onepath has released two new income protection covers and one redundancy cover, including enhanced features such as new loss of earnings cover and 115% cover on mortgage repayments.

3. Rising housing costs hit wallets hard. -

Average NZ incomes have not risen at a high enough pace to keep up with rising housing costs. Whilst incomes have risen 3.1%, the average spent on housing has jumped by more than double this figure, by 8.6%.

4. Why some people work on Christmas Day - BBC News

Spare a thought for those of us working on Christmas day, providing valuable service. Here are some of their stories courtesy of the BBC.

5. Forecasters predict a warm Christmas with a chance of rain. - NZ Herald

The last weeks, Auckland has experienced some horrendous weather on and off, the weather for Christmas is forecast to be warm, with a chance of rain. Fingers crossed it passes us by, surely we are due for some good stuff!

6. Top 10 hot items for Christmas. - NZ Herald

Statistics from recent Trademe searches reveal the hottest Christmas purchases for New Zealanders in 2014.

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