Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Spratt Financial News Roundup

1. Five minutes with the head of Zurich New Zealand Claims department. - Insurance Business Online

Here, Brian Chikanya related that he believes that insurance products are very often misunderstood and this is one of the things about the insurance industry he wishes to change. We do too, both by helping simplify the insurance process, as well as better explaining the benefits to clients and the public.

2. A Christmas treat for the needy in Wairarapa on Christmas. - NZ Herald/Wairarapa Times

Carterton residents who would otherwise be alone this Christmas, or those in need of a good Christmas meal can congregate at the Carterton Events Centre where for 14 years, volunteers have dedicated their day to providing a wonderful community experience. A nice story to put a smile on your face this Christmas season.

3. Kiwis warned not to leave valuables in their cars. - NZ Herald

One major car insurance company paid out $810,000 in car theft claims, and in the wake of a survey in which a third of New Zealanders admitted to leaving valuables in their car, Kiwis are warned to take valuable items with them this Christmas.

4. Aussies currently leading the way with Health Insurance. - NZ Herald

Only 12.5% of New Zealanders over 65 are covered by health insurance, as opposed to a comparatively huge 52% in Australia. Australian investors have become excited about health insurance, showing us in New Zealand a possible way forward for the industry.

5. Kiwisaver bill has first reading in parliament. - Good Returns

This proposal could have a huge impact for Kiwisavers as it would allow members to withdraw Government tax credits, as well as their own contributions, and also doubles the subsidy for first home buyers. We will keep you and all of our clients currently with Kiwisaver updated on the progress of the bill.

6. One in five New Zealanders possibly renters for life. -

The harsh housing market, especially in Auckland, is leading Kiwis to accept the possibility that they may be renters for life. Even in the current market however, there may be finance options available to make first home buying a reality. Send us an enquiry and our mortgage/lending team might be able to make your dreams of owning a home come true.

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