Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The cast of Friends helps with your insurance decisions.

Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey and Phoebe. Everyone knows the cast of Friends and their crazy New York lives. Friends was easily the most popular and well recognised sitcom of the nineties and the early 2000s. But what on Earth does this have to do with insurance? One of the questions people tend to wonder about is, what type of insurance do I most need? So let's use the example of some of the characters most of us know and love to explore some possible answers. Maybe it will help you decide what cover you should be prioritising.

1. Monica Geller

Monica is a little bit obsessed with her environment. She needs to have everything in the right order, her possessions accounted for, stacked and in pristine condition. Someone like Monica would most likely not know what to do with herself if her stuff and her environment was damaged, stolen or broken in any way, shape or form. So, Monica's first priority really should be some good quality home and contents insurance so that she can replace all that important stuff if something should go wrong. Are your possessions your world? Secure your home and contents first.

Recommended Insurance: Home and Contents Cover

2. Ross Geller

And then there's Monica's brother Ross. Ross is a paleontologist and a university lecturer, and he also has two children to look out for, one from his ill fated first marriage and little Emma with Rachel. Thus, Ross has a lot of obligations that he needs to fulfill. Rachel may have a decent job with Ralph Lauren to help out, but he wouldn't want the whole burden to be placed on her should something happen to him. For Ross it may be a close call between Income Protection and some Life or Trauma Cover. Income Protection would ensure his money from his job would keep coming in if he was injured, disabled or sick. Life cover would provide his children a lump sum payment if Ross passed away suddenly. Perhaps both would be a good idea.

Recommended Insurance: Life Cover and Income Protection.

3. Joey Tribbiani

Joey is a fun loving aspiring actor who had one brief brush with fame playing Dr. Drake Remoray on daytime soap Days of our Lives. Since then though, roles have been sporadic at best, including playing opposite a remote controlled robot and being a butt double. Yes, a butt double. With an income that's not fixed, Income Protection wouldn't be the best option for our pal Joey, but with the way he eats and the lifestyle he leads, he should definitely first and foremost be looking at some health insurance. We all remember that time he got a hernia and had to act on through it!

Recommended Insurance: Health Insurance

4. Phoebe Buffay

Phoebe had a hard childhood and past, spending most of it getting an education on street living. She's a little out there and wacky, but in her heart of hearts is generous, giving and kind. For most of her life, she's had to make her own way in the world and depend on herself. To that end, Phoebe became a beautician and a masseuse to help her pay her way in the big city. Being a masseuse requires her to be fit and able at all times, so it would be a good idea for Phoebe to protect herself against a disabling injury which would stop her from practising her chosen profession. A specialised kind of TPD cover could be the best option, especially since this can be more cost effective.

Recommended Insurance: Total Permanent Disablement Cover (Own Occupation Option)

5. Chandler Bing

Being married to Monica, Chandler might not get the first choice of insurance in the household! However, after moving away from New York to hopefully start a family with his wife in the country, Chandler might want to look at protecting his new mortgage should anything go wrong with his health or if he loses his job. Mortgage repayment insurance combined with some redundancy cover would be a cheap and suitable option to get his new life off to the best possible start. Chandler's mouth sometimes gets him in trouble, so some health insurance couldn't be the worst idea either!

Recommended Insurance: Mortgage Protection, Redundancy Cover and perhaps some Health Insurance.

6. Rachel Green

In the early days of the series, having the right insurance cover was probably the last thing on Rachel's mind. Her rich father took care of her bills and her accomodation and most likely was her de facto insurance cover. Rachel came a long way since then though, becoming an independent woman with a job at Ralph Lauren and a beautiful baby girl to support. The top priority for Rachel now with a newborn baby should be getting her child covered so her medical expenses will be paid for if something should go wrong with little
Emma's health. If she acts quickly, within the first three months after the baby is born, any pre-existing conditions the child has will be covered as well.

Recommended Insurance: Health Insurance for herself and her child.

Always remember, if you need help or have any questions with what insurance could be right for you, you can ask anytime through the contact form on your right, or by email at enquiry@sprattfinancial.co.nz!

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