Monday, September 21, 2015

Finance News Round Up

Some simple tips on how to improve your finances, including keeping a monthly spending diary, properly organising your bank accounts for financial efficiency and taking an honest look at your mortgage and how it can be improved.

Forecasting tools originally used for insurance are forecasting a 44.3% chance of the All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup.

Travel insurance company is gearing up to receive hundreds of travel insurance claims from Kiwis travelling in the UK for the World Cup. One insurance company estimated the cost at being flown back to NZ by air ambulance in case of a severe emergency to be verging on $100,000.

Southern Cross has registered a $5.8 million surplus, recovering from a $1.1 million deficit last financial year. They have also come out in favour of a 25% rebate for members over 65.

5. Insurer launches new marine liability product. - Insurance Business Online 

This new product will simplify things for marina operators and ship builders/repairers by no longer forcing these businesses to buy two standalone liability policies.

6. NZ Dollar hanging in there despite doom forecasts. -

Roger J Kerr states that the NZ dollar is showing many traits of the conquering All Blacks rugby team by hanging in there against the USD despite numerous forecasts to the contrary.

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