Thursday, September 10, 2015

Medical Insurance Special Offer

Spratt Financial and Southern Cross are proud to offer new clients a special deal so that you can get the medical insurance you need. A lot of people struggle with getting medical insurance for their pre-existing conditions. With this deal, once your policy has been in place for three years, nearly all types of pre-existing conditions will be covered! Better yet, we have been able to obtain additional discounts to make medical insurance even more cost-effective.

Features of this offer are as follows:
  •             Pre-existing medical conditions will be covered after three years*
  •             Receive a 10% discount off your first year’s premiums
  •             Receive an additional 10% Healthy Lifestyle Discount – if eligible
  •             A further 2.5% discount for payment with Direct Debit
  •             This gives a total 22.5% discount on first year’s premium and 12.5% discount thereafter

This offer closes 30th September 2015, so take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, you can contact us by email here or through our website's easy contact form.

*A few Chronic Conditions may be excluded, which we can discuss with you. 

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