Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Building a plan to protect your business and estate.

If you are the owner of an estate or you manage a business, have you ever thought about what would happen should a tragic and unforeseen deterioration of your health occurs? As insurance professionals, we have seen it happen all too often. As a result of our experience, the number one piece of advice we could give to home or business owners is to put in place a plan using insurance resources. A well worked and comprehensive insurance plan can re-establish control of your finances, leave your estate in your own hands and restore financial balance for you and your family.
Once something goes seriously wrong with your health, well-being and current financial situation, you should look to achieve the following goals in the face of what may well be your most overwhelming adversity: 

  • To have the greatest possible access to medical advice, treatment and technology so that you can get yourself well, back on your feet and hopefully limit the effect of the disablement process on your career, income, lifestyle and dependents;
  • To be able to control debt as soon into the disablement process as possible. To eliminate or significant reduce outstanding debts and financial obligations.
  • To create a certain source of income that will fund your lifestyle and keep your house and/or your business in your hands.
We can attest to just how difficult this has been for many people who have "gone it alone", mistakenly thinking and backing themselves to carry out many of these tasks and functions after their health has come apart at the seams without the necessary insurance. If you are so sick that you can't actually carry out the many vital roles and functions that still need to be carried out within your business, family and estate, then failure, and devastating failure at that, awaits the unwary and unprepared.

Our clear and certain belief is that insurance works best when it is used as the basis for a plan that is intended to protect a business, a family or an estate when tragic deterioration of an individual's health occurs. The three goals listed above can be accomplished by having the right type of insurance in place, customised and personalised to your unique situation.  As insurance professionals, we can help you build the right plan for your unique situation and life circumstances. Our capable team does this everyday and have the soundest professional processes in place. Your personal plan should contain the answer to four questions:
  • What needs to be protected?
  • Who is to do it?
  • What authority do they need to act for you?
  • Where does the funding that you will need come from?
We can help give you answers to all of these questions. With the right insurance, the funds you require in your time of need will be taken care of. We can help source the best and most competitive insurance on the market from the most reputable sources. Use our skilled and experienced professionals, construct a plan and shield against the risk of losing your most important assets.

If you need help with your plan to protect your business and estate, don't hesitate to contact us at enquiry@sprattfinancial.co.nz or by calling (09) 307 8200.

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