Thursday, July 16, 2015

Financial News (July 2015)

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1. Dunedin flood insurance bill found to be $28 million. - Radio NZ News

When South Dunedin experienced 3 months worth of rain in a single day, the damage was extensive. There were 2,000 domestic claims and 170 claims for damaged vehicles with claims totalling $28 million.

2. Westpac loosens apartment lending rules. - Good Returns

Changes have been made to make things easier for borrowers and first home buyers, by increasing the LVR maximum from 80% to 85% with certain conditions and limitations.

3. Options discussed to improve Kiwisaver. - Good Returns

Options are being discussed at a workshop on IRD's annual kiwisaver day on August 10th. Many proposed initiatives include better education for the general public about the key positive features of kiwisaver  as well as ensuring savers are in the most beneficial choice of fund.

4. Advice: Being vigilant about financial abuse. - Fisher Funds (NZ Herald)

Financial abuse can happen, from both untrustworthy advisers and fund managers as well as from members of one's own family. People are urged to be vigilant about who they trust with their money and look out for members of their own family when they make big financial decisions.

5. Expert: Financial skills among the general public prove to be poor. - NZ Herald

Whilst most people are good at looking after their money on a daily basis, they tend to make poor decisions for their future, according to a financial advice expert.

6. Kiwis see economic issues as the biggest problem for NZ. -

44% of surveyed New Zealanders declared economic issues as the biggest problem facing the country. A growing 14% of Kiwis also view the housing shortage as the greatest concern (up 4% from March 2015 figures).

7. Auckland housing market 'continues to go mad' - NZ Herald

In the wake of Labour's controversial release of housing data highlighting the possible impact of foreign investors, Auckland's property market continues to increase 10 times faster than the remainder of the country according to the most recently released data.

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