Thursday, July 24, 2014

Just For Fun: Alien Abduction Insurance? Yes, it exists!

When we think about the events likely to befall us in life and the things we should consider protecting ourselves against, most of us probably would consider ill health or car accidents. Perhaps even violent crime or theft. I wonder how many of us would consider that they need protection for an alien abduction?

Apparently, the answer is, enough for a renowned insurance provider in the UK to offer it as an option.

Simon Burgess, the former Managing Director of British Insurance has put the option to the public; an insurance policy redeemable if the insurance person is abducted by aliens. "Of course, the burden of proof lies with the claimant", Simon says. Well naturally. I do wonder what would constitute such proof though. A spaceship in the backyard? Some alien fingerprints on the clothing?

Well, the good news for potential buyers is, alien abduction insurance is cost effective. A whole $1.5 million worth of cover will only cost the discerning citizen $150.

Remarkably, Simon is not the only one to have offered this. The very first company to offer UFO abduction insurance was the St Lawrence Agency in Florida. The company says it has actually paid out two claims! They also say that over 20,000 people have purchased the insurance, including a former Harvard professor who had written on aliens. Lloyds of London however, have taken a rather dim view of view saying that the extreme majority of those buying the policy are "feeble minded".

Should we be taking this more seriously? After all, it's a big universe out there and several UFO claims are well verified by extremely credible individuals. Maybe it is a good thing that some insurers out there are providing the option. On the other hand, I personally would like to think if you're getting abducted by aliens, getting some sort of  financial compensation for it probably isn't your greatest concern!

What do you think? Would you get protected from ET, or is all of this just a type of silliness that's out of this world?

Probably not a bad alien to be abducted by.

Probably a VERY bad alien to be abducted by.

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