Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why use an Insurance Broker?

In a self reliant, DIY sort of country as New Zealand, people can wonder why they would need the services of an insurance broker to secure their insurance instead of just going it alone. There are options available that do seem quick and easy, such as buying direct from a bank or straight from one of the big insurers. Why would you need to add someone else to this process when you can just do it all yourself?

Unfortunately, with insurance, going it alone is akin to throwing darts at a target blindfolded. If you hit the bullseye, you just got very lucky! An insurance broker is like a professional darts player, standing beside you when you can't see, with a full view of the target and all the skills necessary to get it there.

Insurance - a lot of things to consider for those who go it alone.

Firstly, everybody is different and everyone requires different things from their insurance. For some, cost is the primary factor, whilst some want the highest sum assured possible, the shortest waiting period or the most reliable cover that they know they'll be able to claim on when the time comes. Some need the best deal for a group medical plan for their family, whilst some need to insure their business and its key staff. Each of these desires requires a thorough search of the marketplace to find the best source that can fulfill those unique requirements. Most people end up settling for poor options that don't fully cover them or they end up paying more than they have to.

A broker is a professional with a unique knowledge of the marketplace and connections within the insurance industry that let them know the best options for you. They also have working relationships with the major insurance providers which lets them get deals for you that you won't be able to get yourself. If you have a broker going to work for you, your insurance could be a cost effective Ferrari instead of an over priced clunker.

Do you want your insurance to perform like this?
Or like this? 

Better yet, if you're dealing with a really good broker, you get an even broader range of service at your disposal. Not only will the broker and their admin team deal with securing you the best insurance deals, they'll also be on hand to manage your insurance, answer your questions and stay on the lookout as to whether better deals come available for you on the marketplace. The broker and their team will also personally manage your claims, taking most of the burden of forms and paperwork out of your hands during your most stressful times.

We hope you consider using a broker when you decide you need insurance. Trust us, it makes everything a lot easier!

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