Sunday, June 16, 2013

Key Person Insurance Cover

Key Person Insurance is a form of risk insurance that is designed to help out your business if one of your key employees is rendered unable to work due to health issues or disability. This type of insurance cover can be useful for businesses who rely or depend on one or more key employees to maintain profitability. For instance, in our case study of Justin and ABC Engineering, Justin held a key position within the business, with a large proportion of the company's monthly income attributable to his relationships with clients. If you have key person cover, the devastating loss of someone like Justin to illness or disability can be mitigated by a monthly benefit to the business, designed to cover the loss of income your insured employee would have brought you.

Is Key Person Cover Useful?

ACC Research, conducted in June 2006, revealed that a huge 67% of small or medium business closures in New Zealand are due to the injury or disablement of a key person or employee. The same study showed that only 8% of business closures in comparison were caused by the fact that the business became unprofitable or no longer viable, showing that by far, injury or illness is the biggest risk to small business in New Zealand.

Furthermore, we have previously discussed the statistics regarding critical illness in New Zealand, which are applicable here too. 51% of males and 33% of females will suffer a critical illness before the age of 70, and if or when it happens to one of your businesses critical personnel, having an assured monthly flow of income to cover it can help your business survive, recover and prosper again.

How does it work?

- When the cover is taken out, the amount that is paid to you monthly in the event of your employee being rendered unable to work is agreed to, so that you will know specifically the level of benefit you will receive. This amount is of course, negotiable and it can be set based on your personal needs.

- The benefit itself is typically payable for a maximum period of two years.

- It is possible to lower the monthly insurance premium you will pay for your Key Person Insurance Cover by adjusting the length of time you have to wait after your employee is incapacitated before your payment kicks in. The longer period of time this is, the lower your monthly premium will be.

What other features can Key Person Cover Offer?

- Recurrent Disability Allowance: If the key person or employee covered suffers a relapse of the same condition within 6 months, your wait period can be waived so the benefit kicks back in immediately where it left off without a further wait period needed.

- Additional Payment in Case of Death: If the key person or employee covered sadly passes away while you are receiving your monthly key person insurance payment, your business can receive an additional payment of 6 times the monthly benefit to help you cope with the tragic circumstances.

- Changes can be made at anytime to reflect your current needs, and your insurance cover, waiting periods, amount of employees covered can be reviewed and changed at anytime, giving your cover flexibility as your business changes.

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