Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Unique Claims Service

If there is one aspect of our service we value above all else, it is getting our clients insurance claims through effectively, quickly and with the least stress possible.

Claim time, even when considered in the absence of the health or illness circumstances surrounding it, is an extremely stressful time. A time that is not helped by a panoply of forms, questions and going back and forth with insurance companies.

Whether you require pre-approval, a claim on your health insurance for a procedure, income protection after being rendered unable to work or in the worst case scenario, a claim for a critical illness or death, our professional team is there to help and support you. We have experience and a perfect record in getting the claims you need through and managing your claim for you during any crisis on an ongoing basis. We will arrange the necessary forms, get them to you, help you fill them out and then have them processed. We will then administer and take command of the claims process, always keeping you informed of what is happening.

Also, in our experience, clients can also be missing out on claims they could be receiving through a poor understanding on their own policies or the terminology of insurance providers. We can also help you with this, discerning for you precisely when you can claim and how much for.

If your claim is a single lump sum, our Head of Practise will personally visit you to assist with completing the forms and fully working through the claim with you, giving you personal expertise and one to one service to take the stress away. If you become one of our valued clients, we offer to you all the resources to help you at claim time and manage the difficulties in the easiest and most effective manner.

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