Friday, November 20, 2015

Tips to save money on your insurance. #1

The experienced insurance team at Spratt Financial Services has a number of tips to help you save money on your insurance, whether you have existing policies or you're looking to get insured:

1. Make sure your sum assured is not unnecessarily high.

Selecting the amount of insurance you need is one of the most crucial areas that people need to spend more time considering. It can often be too tempting to just pick a round figure that you assume is correct for your needs and go with it. When we give advice to new clients, we take the time in helping them go through their debts, their needs and what exactly they need provided for. Let's say you discover that you need $150,000 of life cover to adequately cover your debts. By doing this instead of blindly selecting say $200,000, you've instantly saved a considerable amount on premiums. Picking the amount that you need and then revising it as necessary as changes in your life occur is one of the best ways to be sure you're not spending too much on your insurance.