Sunday, February 24, 2013

Introduction to Our Lending Services

One of the key components of our business is the array of lending services we offer. If there's a project or a goal of yours that you require funding for, why not come to us? Our advisors have a wealth of experience from senior positions in the banking industry; specialising in both residential and commercial lending.

Our technical knowledge, coupled with our negotiating expertise, will always ensure the most beneficial conditions for our clients. You can depend on us to source and structure your loan on the most favourable possible terms to you, taking much of the legwork out of your hands.

Residential & Commercial Mortgages
Whether you’re purchasing a new property or refinancing existing assets, we can offer you competitive fees, the lowest possible interest rates and best possible loan to value ratios. When it comes time to invest in property, we can take some of the stress out of your hands and help secure the best possible deal for you.

Asset Funding
Asset funding is a type of financing where assets are converted into cash in exchange for a security interest in those assets. Spratt Financial Services provides a comprehensive array of private equity services tailored to your specific needs. Our products and services have been specifically crafted to ensure clients get the maximum possible benefit from the skills of leading investment managers.

Debt Restructuring
The debt advisory services we offer help clients to determine the best debt management strategy, select the right products and providers and do business on the best terms. Our method is to work in close partnership with clients to develop a comprehensive set of the best possible financing solutions for your debt. We then work with you to assess each option thoroughly, choosing the right option for you and then implementing the preferred resolution.

 Other services we can offer include:
  • Nominee, Private & Company Funding.
  • Investment Property Funding.



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