Monday, October 6, 2014

News: Onepath Life Insurance to become truly One.

Onepath Life Insurance has announced that it will be consolidating its two life insurance companies into one. The move is primarily about simplification, and will not result in any changes to its existing insurances. Currently, Onepath has one company which services advisers and brokers and one company which directly sells their life insurance product, distributed through banks.

The process has begun, subject to approval from the Reserve Bank. There is anticipated to be no issue moving forward, and the merger is expected to be approved and completed. Onepath says that the merger will enable them to avoid two companies worth of compliance costs and streamline their services, ultimately aiming to provide a future benefit to customers.

Onepath is also planning a major product relaunch next month which will feature a focus on income protection. We will keep you posted with what this entails, what changes could be made and how this could benefit you as news emerges.

Changes are on the path ahead for Onepath.

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