Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Travel Insurance Claim Update

A few weeks back I arrived back to Auckland after an amazing two week journey to the United States. Awesome that is, apart from my journey home being affected by cancelled flights, leading me to have to stay another two nights in LA that I had not budgeted for! (Read the full story here)

Today, after I had filed the claim with Southern Cross Travel Insurance a few days earlier, everything was sorted and my claim was accepted. It was easier than I had anticipated too. All I had to do was fill out some forms, which weren't as daunting or lengthy as you might expect, and attach the relevant receipts and hotel information. There were also facilities on their website that let me do it all online if I had chosen to. They then were excellent in updating me on the process by email and by phone.

They said it would be processed within six days and it ended up being done in two. All in all, having the cover only set me back $70, whereas not having it and having to pay for my added expenses out of pocket would have set me back over $500. That's a considerable return on my investment. I admit to once scoffing at 'unnecessary' travel insurance, but after this, never again.

Thanks to Southern Cross Travel Insurance too for processing everything so quickly and efficiently.

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