Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Importance of Reviews

The New Year is a time of change and a time for resolutions. Each year, if possible, we like to take a look at our clients' insurance to see if there's anything that can be improved and we urge them to do the same thing. Here's why.

In the insurance business, things are in flux regularly. New products, new conditions and new regulations come and go in the marketplace, meaning that often we can find you are now paying too much for your insurance or can improve your cover. This year for instance, a number of new Southern Cross health insurance plans are in the works and Tower Life and Health Insurance has changed hands, with the Life branch now owned by Fidelity Life and the Health branch now owned by Newcastle Industrial Benefits. (NIB).

People’s lives are in flux as well.  Perhaps you have a new job, are acquiring your first home or are thinking of having children? Your insurance needs will thus change, and there may be better and more effective options out there for you to cover your new needs. We urge you to make sure your cover is up to date, and that you have the best current deals the marketplace has to offer.

Whether you need to expand or simplify your insurance, whether you're an existing client or not, we can review your insurances free of charge with no obligation.

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